GUNZ: Man Trying to Use Toilet ‘Accidentally’ Fires Gun, Shoots Downstairs Neighbor

Shootee Robert Hood

Robert Hood said he was sitting on the floor watching TV but then decided to move to the couch. That single move may have saved his life.

“I heard a little bang and I looked down and see the top of my hand with a little blood,” Hood said. He said to himself, “I wonder what the heck happened here?”

What happened, according to Hood and state police, is that the 69-year-old man’s upstairs neighbor — Shawn Moran — was trying to use the toilet when he said his 9mm pistol got caught in his shirt and went off, sending a bullet through the floor and into Hood’s apartment.

Hood was unable to use his phone, so he went upstairs to shooter Moran’s  place who said he was sorry.

Hood went to the hospital and Moran faces felony firearms and simple assault charges. Hood just beat cancer and said he wasn’t sure if he had any good fortune left.

Pittsburgh CBS Local


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