It’s 5:00 Somewhere

Well, I do hope you plan to continue your celebrations well into the night on this First Annual Reinstatement Day with an evening of song, dance and reinstatement libations.

There’s a party goin’ on right here
A celebration to last throughout some beers
So bring some good crimes and a lapdance too
We gonna celebrate a failed coup with you
Come on now

Come and kick up your heel spurs, friends —

Yes, pour yourself a Reinstatement Drink and join us for an evening of celebration. At NewsViews we might suggest a MoscowMAGA Mule, or a Putin PeePee — Two parts Russian vodka with one part sour mix. Don’t forget to salt the rim with MAGA tears. Hard core enthusiasts might prefer a special rum and/or coke. In a free country, we celebrate choices!

Do I seem a bit punchy? Sorry, it’s day three of power outages. Generator on board after the first 18 hours, internet restored after about 40 hours. Update from utility provider extends the restore time another day and a half — by Sunday 11pm, we can expect to get back to normal. If they tell you it’s like camping with perks, they lie.

But, I digress! ……….Biden is in office and it’s 5:00 Somewhere this fine Friday the 13th. Let’s enjoy the comforts we have been blessed with while we can!

Cheers, NVers!