Ohio Policeman Charged with Having Loaded Gun While Drunk at Cuyahoga Falls Bar

Christopher P. Ereg of Brunswick was ordered by a judge Monday to report to the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department for booking. Ereg entered no plea at the video arraignment Monday, according to the court record. His bond was set at $10,000 and paid, according to court records. Ereg is to have no contact with Red Fox Sports Bar on State Road.

Falls police were called to the bar Saturday on a report of an intoxicated, disorderly man. The criminal complaint attached to the court case alleges that Ereg “was asked to leave the Red Fox Sports Pub and Grill by security staff after Ereg became intoxicated. Ereg was carrying a loaded Glock 19 on his right hip …”

Possession of a loaded firearm in a liquor establishment resulted in a third-degree felony charge filed against Ereg, along with a fourth-degree felony charge of concealing a weapon and misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and possessing a weapon while intoxicated.

Akron Beacon Journal

In this exchange, drunk 48 year-old Detective Christopher Ereg, is whining  to the arresting officer.

“You arrested a God d— cop!” Detective Christopher Ereg said to the arresting officer.

“Yeah well, can’t help that man,” the officer replied.

“Yeah, you can,” said Ereg.

“Are you happy about this?” Ereg asked.

“I’m not no, never happy about arresting an officer but it’s not my fault I didn’t commit the crime,” the officer said.

At first, police were going to let him sober up before they realized the intoxicated officer was carrying a Glock 19 semi-automatic handgun.

“Do you have anything on you man? Knives guns or anything?” the officer asked Ereg.

“Yeah, I have a gun,” Ereg replied.

“Come on out,” the officer ordered. “You carrying right now?”

“Of course,” said Ereg.

“Okay don’t reach for it,” the officer told him. “Turn around turn around hands on the car.”

“Are you guy’s kidding me?” Ereg asked.

“You’re arresting another cop you know that right?” Ereg asked the arresting officer.

“Yeah, well you should know not to drink and carry,” the officer replied.

“Do you know that you f***ing ruined my life?” detective Ereg said to the arresting officer.

“It’s not my fault to bear man,” the officer replied.

“You’re gonna arrest me? You can’t f***ing let me out the side?” Ereg asked.

Cleveland 19

Ereg faces misdemeanor and felony charges including Disorderly Conduct Intoxicated, Using Weapons While Intoxicated, Carrying Concealed Weapon, and Illegal Possession of Firearm in Liquor Permit Premises. According to a release from the city of Cleveland, Ereg has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the criminal case and an internal review. 

In 2016, Ereg was fired by the Cleveland Division of Police in connection with a 2012 high-profile police vehicle pursuit and officer-involved shootings. The chase ended in a hail of bullets as officers fired 137 shots, killing the two suspects, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. Neither suspect was armed. Ereg was later reinstated following arbitration and was most recently assigned to the Third District.


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