Texas Anti-Abortion Whistleblowing Site Gets New Home

Provider Known for Hosting Right-Wing Extremists

An online whistleblower portal created to punish anyone providing abortion services in Texas has suffered another defeat in its quest to enforce the state’s new six-week abortion ban as it was forced to disable the function allowing it to collect anonymous tips.

The site, created by the evangelical group Texas Right to Life, had gotten the boot from hosting provider GoDaddy on Friday, but it had found a new home alongside neo-Nazis and white supremacists on Saturday. That’s when Epik, a provider known for hosting right-wing extremist groups, welcomed ProLifeWhistleblower.com to its client roster, according to domain registration data cited by Ars Technica.

“We received complaints about the site,” a representative said in a statement late Saturday, noting that the site had “violated Epik’s Terms of Use.” The specific violation was reportedly the collection of information on third-parties without their consent.

The owner of Epik is self described “Christian Libertarian,”, with the usual Christian God of the Bible is  the Creator of the Universe, and Jesus is the path to eternal life.

Robert Monster (real name) and Epik’s selling points was that it would work with anyone who could pay, such as Alex Jones, the Sandy Hook truther behind conspiracy site Infowars. (Monster apparently draws the line at The Daily Stormer.

The Daily Beast

Robert Monster ‘Lex Luthor Of The Internet’: Meet The Man Keeping Far-Right Websites Alive


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