GUNZ: Families in Subdivision Hit by Pellets From Dove Hunt

DATELINE: GREENWOOD, S.C. (AP) — Residents of an Upstate South Carolina neighborhood say they were ducking for cover after pellets from a nearby dove hunt started striking them.

Children playing outside were also struck by the pellets, one of them as he played on a trampoline, WYFF-TV reported.

Several people say they were hit, including one six year old boy who had two marks on his cheek from the dove hunter’s pellets.

The land is private property and the landowner wasn’t doing anything illegal, authorities said. There is no state law or regulation mandating the minimum distance from other homes or properties from a dove hunt on private land.

The landowner shut down the hunt over safety and noise concerns.

No one was maimed, no one was cited.

AP News

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