Coffee Talk

Good morning, and welcome to Coffee Talk, NewsViews’ newest “free chat” forum, where you’re encouraged to grab a mug of whatever might be your go-to wake-up beverage and join us for some chatting.

This will be a place to drop your off-topic comments, as well as your cat stories, weather anecdotes, movie quotes, dinner plans, and almost anything else………but in the event you need a topic to get started, I’ll give you a topic to discuss amongst yourselves. 

Our new forum will be like “buttah.”

Today’s topic: 

A Trump aide (known as the “Music Man” to insiders) would play “Memory” from Cats to calm the big guy down. 

It’s true, or so we’re told, in Stephanie Grisham’s book I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in the Trump White House. A staffer designated by the Trump handlers, later revealed as Stephanie’s abusive ex-boyfriend and current Ohio Congressional candidate Max Miller, who was dubbed the “Music Man,” would be brought out to play Trump’s favorite show tunes, including “Memory,” to soothe the temper of the former guy.

What calms you down?

Perhaps it’s essential oils, candles, a soothing bath, a pizza, or show tunes?

Discuss amongst yourselves, please, without getting verklempt.

Enjoy your free chat.