Marjorie and Matt’s Bigly Fundraising PAC is Almost Broke

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz have barnstormed the country on an “America First” tour, riling up the grassroots supporters in a fundraising frenzy.

But six months into the tour, the fundraising PAC is nearly broke.

The two attention-getters were off to a hot start, earning $360,000 in their first two months. But several tour stops were canceled, and now, according to campaign finance filings, the Put America First PAC is down to $13,000 in cash.

Individually, Greene and Gaetz have their own fundraising problems.

  • Marjorie looks more successful on paper, having raised $8.8 million in her short congressional career, but her campaign filings show an enormous amount of her fundraising totals are eaten up by the costs of vendors and consultants.
  • In the past three months, Greene has spent $1 million to earn $1.5 million. Approximately 75% of her donors offer $200 or less.

The numbers for Gaetz look even worse.

  • From July 1 to September 30, the Gaetz campaign reported raising only $527,000 while spending more — $627,000 in order to earn that money.
  • The Gaetz campaign seems to be spending lots on lavish hotels and resorts — nearly $30,000 in the last quarter.
  • Gaetz is no longer spending bigly campaign bucks at Trump properties, listing only $600 in Trump-labeled meal expenses in August. In his last campaign, Gaetz had listed over $8,600 in expenses proving his loyalty to Trump and his resort properties.

From Mother Jones