Who will become the GOP candidate for Texas’ AG? Ken Paxton or Louie Gohmert?

In a video statement posted on Youtube, the ‘esteemed’ Texas Congresscritter, Louie Gohmert, announced he will challenge incumbent Ken Paxton. Paxton is under indictment on charges of securities fraud and faces an FBI investigation into allegations that he abused his office. 

If elected, Gohmert said, he will prioritize “election integrity,” push back against “unconstitutional mandates” and clamp down on border crossings.

“A priority will be election integrity so that every legal vote counts,” Gohmert said. “If you allow me, I will not wait to be my busiest until after there’s some bad press about legal improprieties. I’ll start boldly protecting your rights on day one.”

Gohmert also vows to fighting pandemic mandates.


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