Kyle Rittenhouse Says Traveling to Kenosha Was “Not the Best Idea”

Kyle Rittenhouse was a guest on the right-wing network The Blaze’s podcast “You Are Here” on Monday night, and told the co-host Sydney Watson that going to Kenosha wasn’t the best idea.

Watson told Rittenhouse it was “kind of impressive” that “of all the people that you shot at, you killed probably two of the worst on the planet.” The two people Rittenhouse killed in Kenosha, Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, had criminal backgrounds.

“Congratulations,” Watson said Monday to Rittenhouse. “Good job, you.”

Rittenhouse responded that it was nothing to be congratulated about.

“Like, if I could go back, I wish I would never have had to take somebody’s life,” he said.

When Watson then asked if he regretted going to Kenosha in the first place, Rittenhouse said, “Well, hindsight being 20/20, probably not the best idea to go down there. Can’t change that. But I defended myself and that’s what happened.”

  • So far, Marjorie Taylor Greene has suggested Rittenhouse receive a Congressional Medal of Honor.
  • Matt Gaetz and Madison Cawthorn want to hire him as an intern.
  • And Tucker Carlson called him a sweet kid who “tries his best to do the right thing at a time when almost no one else in the community is trying to do the right thing.”

But Rittenhouse in the podcast interview said it makes him uncomfortable when people try to portray him as a hero.

“Because I don’t think I did anything heroic; I just defended myself.”

Rittenhouse has stated he’s not interested in entering politics “at all.” He says he wants to attend Arizona State University in the spring.

Responding to a listener’s question, Rittenhouse also said on the podcast that he plans to destroy the rifle he used in Kenosha.

“You’re not going to, like, sell it?” Watson asked, suggesting to Rittenhouse that he could make a lot of money.

“We’re just having it destroyed,” Rittenhouse reiterated. “I think that’s the best thing, and that’s what I want to do with it.”

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