Presidents Biden and Obama honor the late Senator Harry Reid, the lowest forms of life protest and disrupt outside

From NPR:

In eulogy after eulogy at his memorial service Saturday, Harry Reid was remembered as a consummate politician, a loving husband and father — and perhaps more than anything else, a man who rarely said goodbye before hanging up the phone.

“The desert shack he called home, the miles he hitchhiked to school, the boxing ring where he always got up, the family tragedies he endured, the cancer he and Landra fought, the halls of power he walked, the state he transformed, the country he shaped — he was proof that there’s nothing ordinary about America. Ordinary Americans can do anything, given half a chance,” said President Biden.

“In a town obsessed with appearances, Harry had a real vanity deficit. He didn’t like phonies. He didn’t like grandstanding. He was proud of the fact that he didn’t own a tuxedo,” said Obama.

“Harry understood we don’t have to see eye-to-eye on everything in order to live together and be decent toward each other, and that we can learn to bridge differences in background, race, and region,” Obama said, adding that Reid was one of the first people to encourage him to run for president.

Reid died at home on Dec. 28 at 82 years old. His body will lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda on Jan. 12.

Outside of Harry Reid’s funeral, the lowest forms of life, TFG’s Cult, paid their disrespect to the late senator and those who attended the solemn event:

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