Free Chat Friday, Week 3

Howdy News Viewers on this third Friday of 2022–this is Free Chat AKA open forum, open thread, all topics all the time as long as they’re civil, interesting and funny in that irreverent NV way. (😁) Or not. Civil at least, believe me, after watching the antics of the GOP and a couple of musty old DINOs as they have continued to move us closer to a steep and fatal fall, I doubt any of us are willing to put up with much assholery. . . .am i right or amirite?

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With so much going on, we’d love to hear your take on things, whether the micro (“gray squirrels robbed the bird houses yesterday”) or the macro (“Turns out Covid is Long and vaccines are short”) and all things in between. What IS going on in your neck of the woods, News Viewers?