Fox ‘News’ Host Jesse Watters Mansplains Kamala’s VP Struggles Are ‘Typical Female Problem’

Fox ‘News’ host Jesse Watters tried to explain what’s going on with VP Kamala Harris by claiming she’s having “a typical female problem” . . Please note, he’s not saying this but many, many people are…not him, but others. Although, the cretin never mentions who they are.

“And I’m sorry to say this, but many people are saying this—I am not saying this, but many are saying—this sounds like a typical female problem. I’m not saying that! I’m saying this is what people are telling me! They say the first female vice president comes in there, and every single article is about her feelings.” 

Shockingly, the other cretins on The Five set cut his ignorant, misogynistic rant short. In her usual, nails on the chalkboard voice, Jeanine Pirro said to Watters, “Jesse, just stop it.”

Take a look below:

The Daily Beast:

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