Free Chat Friday, Week 13

Happy Friday News Viewers, welcome to our Friday free chat, all news all the time, whether personal or political, local or global, near, far, funny, sad, and when all topics have been exhausted, there’s always weather, right?

Let us know what’s going on in your neck of the woods– at the end of another work week, we look back at Hollywood and DC drama; we look ahead to a blessed break from that drama, and we exist in the “right here, right now” where life happens, plans are made and solutions are set in motion. . .

Feel free to share all those off topic ideas you’ve been thinking about; what’s interesting you on this April Fools Day? And now that I think about it. . . . .April Fools Day? There are certainly plenty of fools to discuss on our political scene — I’m not sure one day in April can cover them all, but it’s a start. So what’s on your mind today, April 1, 2022?