TFG still cannot call Putin’s actions ‘evil;’ rants on about NATO

Fox ‘News’ host, Sean Hannity, gave TFG another opportunity to denounce Vladimir Putin and call his actions against the Ukrainian people “evil in our time.” What does TFG do? Never call out his puppet master but instead went on a rant against NATO for failing to prevent atrocities committed by Russia and how he rebuilt the alliance.

“I think in 100 years people are gonna look back and they’re gonna say, how did we stand back and NATO stand back, which in many ways I’ve called the paper tiger,” Trump said.

“Don’t forget, I rebuilt NATO because when I became president, the first thing I noticed when I went there to the first meeting, was that most of the countries were not paying, or were paying far less than they were supposed to. There were only eight out of 28 countries that were paid in full.”


TFG did not ‘rebuild’ NATO. He threatened to pull the United States out of the alliance.

He also failed to state how he would have handled our supply-chain issues and inflation. Instead lied and claimed no supply-chain issues existed when he was ‘president.’

And of course, he played the victim:

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