Abbottflation Caused $240 Million Damages in Rotting Fruits and Vegetables

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s political theater of supposed “enhanced safety inspections” has caused an estimated loss of more than $240 million in spoiled fruits and vegetables, according to the president of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas.

American consumers can expect to spend more on strawberries, avocados and asparagus as soon as this weekend, with the impacts being felt the heaviest in the Midwest and Northeast.

Abbott’s protest to President Biden’s immigration policies created gridlock and delays in shipments of products from automobile parts to produce, which vegetable producers said was idly rotting in the back of trucks at the border. Mexico is a critical supplier of vehicles, automotive parts, electrical machinery, chemicals and agricultural goods.

On Friday Abbott reversed course on the safety inspections he said were to help stop the flow of illegal contraband and human trafficking. Abbott said an agreement was made with the Mexican states bordering Texas to step up security measures on the Mexican side of the border. Abbott threatened to restart the policy if migrant crossings increased.

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