Bill O’Reilly Caught Berating Jet Blue Employee Over Delay

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly was caught on video cussing out and threatening a Jet Blue employee because his flight was delayed.

The 72-year-old pinhead was upset that his flight to Turks and Caicos was delayed for more than three hours earlier this month, and took it out on the employee, calling him a “f***ing scumbag.”

The translation:

“We need to know what you’re going to do,” O’Reilly can be heard saying. “It’s three hours late now.”

The worker began to reply, but the news host interrupted. “No, no, no,” he said, pointing a finger at the worker’s chest. “You’re gonna find out.”

The interaction became more intense when O’Reilly leaned in to check the employee’s work badge and said, “you’re lucky I don’t put my fist through it.”

The employee held up the badge for O’Reilly to get a better look and replied something inaudible that O’Reilly evidently didn’t like.

“You f****ing scumbag, don’t talk to me like that.”

“You’re threatening me with violence, man,” the worker responds.

O’Reilly then denies threatening the man. The host takes another look at the employee’s badge and tells him, “You’re gonna lose your job,” before storming away.

O’Reilly said he handled the confrontation “poorly” and chose the wrong language, but he’s not sorry for confronting the worker. Hundreds of passengers were stranded at the terminal for three hours, he said, before he asked to know what the status of the flight was, something he says he was prompted to do after numerous people recognized him and asked what was going on.

O’Reilly went on to complain about Jet Blue’s “mistreatment” of passengers being kept on delayed flights, and then turned to issues nationwide of cancellations and delays. O’Reilly said this was Pete Buttigieg’s problem and the Biden administration’s for not addressing the issue.

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