Someone Shot The Johnny Cash Water Tower In Kingsland, Arkansas, And Now It’s Taking A Leak

Kingsland, Arkansas, is a tiny little town in Cleveland County, that’s not known for anything really… except being the birthplace of Johnny Cash.

And in honor of the Man In Black, Kingsland’s water tower features a silhouette of Johnny holding a guitar.

However, according to the Arkansas Democrat Gazettesomebody recently put a bullet in right in Johnny’s crotch and not the water tower is leaking conveniently from a place that makes it look like Johnny is taking a leak.

Whiskey Riff

Kingsland, population around 400, is 72 miles south of Little Rock. Betty Graham, water office manager, told the Herald it could take as long as a week to fix the damage.

She saw the leak when she went into the office early that morning but assumed it was “routine overflow,” until sunrise, when the cold light of day revealed the work of the crude vandal, the Herald reported. Kingsland spent almost $300,000 last year improving the water tower.

“Someone here knows who did this,” a comment read. “I hope they’ll come forward and turn the vandal in.” “This is just terrible. If they find out who it was they need to give them the max punishment. This is people’s livelihood, their water source,” said another.

The Wichita Eagle

“Whoever did this broke federal law damaging a public utility,” he said. “It is a very serious issue. Repairs are initially estimated to run over $100,000. In addition, until the repairs can be undertaken, the water pump is running almost constantly to maintain proper water levels and pressure in the tank. The response we’ve received on our Facebook page is well over 95% highly irate at this senseless act of destruction.”

Arkansas Democrat Gazette

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