It’s not Saturday, it’s Caturday; the Day to Honor Felis Catus

Caturday. A day created on the Internet to honor, celebrate and insult and question Felis Catus, our enemy, our friend, “half in-half out” in the words of Constantine, the comic book character who needs cats to go into and come out of Hell. Caturday is day to celebrate the greatness that is Felis Catus Domesticus, or the common house-cat.

Happy Caturday, everybody!!! Thank goodness. It’s finally here. The best day of the week. The most purrfect day of the week. Caturday is the day in which we get to not only nap as much as we want and snack as many times as we like and cuddle our cats endlessly, it’s also the day in which the internet comes together to celebrate cats in the most internet way possible – with a whole lotta funny fresh cat memes

Bringing you a whole bunch of hysterical cat memes is something that we do every single Caturday. Because no cat person can safely say that they started their Caturday on the right paw without laughing at some ridiculous cat memes. That’s tradition. It is our duty as can people. So, enjoy it, everyone, and have a awesome Caturday!

The Wall Street Journal reports that “services” for cats, like grooming, boarding, and even spas, are burgeoning these days.  These services were once largely the purview of d*gs.  And, Caturday has been around for quite some time, even getting an entry on Urban Dictionary that dates back to 2008 calling it “The greatest holiday on the internets.”

Or, you can realize that cats are, actually, disturbing creatures who may want to kill you and eat you. Seriously, there are several studies out there in which scientists have determined that the things may be “neurotic,” “unstable,” and that, if they were big enough, they would totally eat you without a second thought.

“Cats are where it’s at—it’s a niche industry, and there’s a gajillion dog groomers everywhere,” said Ms. Opp, who started out in dog-grooming but went cats-only in 2017.

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