Bill Maher Finally Gets to be on Fox News With Tucker Carlson

Bill Maher says he will get his long awaited debut on Fox News sometime soon after trying numerous times to appear on the network.

Maher suggested that Trump works his rallies like a comedian, and when a bit works, he keeps those bits in. Maher worked for Trump rallies, so there was some sparring between the two. According to Maher, it keeps Fox interested in what he says.

Maher said there is some negotiation about what Tucker and Maher will talk about.

“He had offered me before, Tucker Carlson,” explained Maher. “I said, absolutely right away. And then they came back and said, ‘Yeah, but just let’s just talk about the things we agree about.’ I’m like, no. What sort of stupid way is that to have an interview? No, we’ll talk about everything. Yes. There are some things we will agree about. There’s a reason why Fox News puts me on their website and that’s what drives Trump crazy is because I’m not afraid to go after the left when they’re wrong and they’re wrong a lot these days. But I have perspective about who’s more crazy.”