Former Senator Al Franken Says the Senate GOP Destroyed the Legitimacy of SCOTUS

Al Franken, former Democratic Senator, got into it with a CNN GOP commentator, Alice Stewart, on the legitimacy of the Supreme Court following comments from Chief Justice John Roberts.

  • At a conference on Friday Roberts said, “Simply because people disagree with an opinion is not a basis for questioning the legitimacy of the court.”
  • Vice President Kamala Harris called the SCOTUS judges “activists” who overturned Roe v. Wade on Sunday’s Meet The Press. Harris said the nation was suffering the consequences.

Franken ripped the GOP commentator, insisting that Republicans in the upper chamber “destroyed” the legitimacy of the Supreme Court by refusing to hold a hearing for onetime nominee Merrick Garland and by installing Amy Coney Barrett to the high court only weeks before the 2020 presidential election.

Franken masterfully shot holes in the GOP’s argument in a ten minute interview, seen below.