Free Range Free Chat

Ah Monday, my old friend. I see you’re here again with your bed-head and only one eye open. Why, I ask you, why are you here so soon? Didn’t I tell you to stay far far away until you learned to be less….dreadful?

Oh well, such is life in 2022, the 3rd trimester of the Era of Strange which started in 2020. Lord knows what will be born from this era—what do you bet we’ll find out on a Monday?

Welcome to Free Range, our free chat/open thread for Mondays. Today of all days, we need to blow off steam, and as they say in the movies, ”now is the time, this is the place.”

Feel free to share what’s on your mind, in your neighborhood, up in space, down in the basement and what your opinions are of the crazy and the sane . Only one rule, the No Assholes Rule— and remember, gifs, film clips, and tweets are welcome, but keep them short, so we’ll have time to watch. So News Viewers, what’s on your plate today?