911 Call Released After Pro-Life Michigan Woman Shot While Canvassing

An Ionia County, Michigan, woman called 911 after her husband had shot an 84-year-old woman who refused to leave their property while insisting the couple vote no on the Reproductive Freedom For All ballot proposal.

Richard Harvey, 74, has been charged with felonious assault, careless discharge causing injury and reckless use of a firearm after he said he accidentally shot the woman in the shoulder. The woman was not seriously wounded.

Sharon Harvey made the call about 1:30 p.m. Sept. 20 while the pro-life canvasser, Joan Jacobson, sat in her car in the driveway.

“Some lady over here wouldn’t leave my property and she needs to be arrested,” Harvey told a dispatcher. “She’s trying to have me sign a petition and I won’t do it and I told her to get off my property. And she wouldn’t go.

“My husband nicked her with a gun,” Sharon Harvey said.

Sharon Harvey tells the dispatcher what happened. She claimed the woman refused to leave and was being argumentative and insisting that she needed to vote no on Proposal 3, which would guarantee the right for a woman to obtain an abortion in Michigan.

Harvey said the woman refused to leave. Her husband heard the commotion and “fired a warning shot” into some trees after the canvasser refused to leave.

Richard Harvey also spoke with the 911 dispatcher, and explained that the canvasser was waving a clipboard and he thought she would strike his wife with it. He said he used the gun to knock the clipboard away when the gun fired.

“So you did it accidentally?” the dispatcher asks.

“Oh yeah. I didn’t shoot her on purpose,” he said.

Harvey described the canvasser as a right wing nut.

Listen to the 911 call below:

***This story is an update from an earlier News Views report of Marjorie Taylor Greene accusing Democrats of “starting the killing” of Republicans.


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