Trump To Get Some Mar-A-Lago Documents Back, Special Master Rules

Ex-President Donald Trump will get back some of the documents the Justice Department seized at Mar-A-Lago, the special master reviewing the documents ordered Friday, though they are limited to documents that aren’t privileged or government materials and the DOJ had already offered to give them back in August. U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie, the third-party special master reviewing the documents seized at Mar-A-Lago, ordered Friday for some original documents to be returned to Trump by October 10, noting both the DOJ and Trump team agreed they could be given back.

Earlier this week, a court filing that was briefly unsealed and made public by Bloomberg revealed that the DOJ’s Filter Team—which sorted out potentially privileged materials before Dearie was appointed—had offered to return the materials to Trump on August 30.

Among the approximately 300 pages of documents to be returned, according to the filing, are a letter from Trump’s physician from 2016; documents related to various Trump-related lawsuits; accounting and tax documents; a confidential settlement agreement between the PGA and Trump Golf; invoices for legal fees; the email accepting Trump’s resignation from the Screen Actors Guild; a draft nondisclosure agreement; and a signed letter from a Trump legal advisor to the Biden campaign.


Starting at about the 5 minute mark, the video goes over some of the documents that the court accidentally released, including documents that appear to be NARA’s letters to Trump wanting their documents back. It also goes over what seem to be White House logs that Trump stole. Dearie said he will rule on these documents.

A19. Contents of red folder marked “NARA letters & other copies” and A20. Contents of manila folder marked “NARA letters one top sheet + 3 signing sheets”

It’s not clear what letters from NARA (the National Archives and Records Administration) might have been included here. Among the letters NARA sent to Trump’s team, though, were ones demanding he turn over presidential records — the dispute at the heart of the legal fight that yielded these documents.

A21. 35 pages, each titled “The President’s Calls” with the Presidential Seal in the upper left corner, containing handwritten names, numbers, and notes that primarily appear to be messages (including “Message from Rudy …”); four blank pages with miscellaneous handwritten notes

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