The GQP’s War on Science Continues

As COVID-19 cases continue to see an upsurge in the United States, the GQP’s war on COVID-19 shots continues.

Recent data on COVID-19 cases can be found here as well as a county tracker. You will note that some counties across the country, are rated ‘high’ for COVID-19 cases as opposed to others that are labeled, ‘low’ or ‘medium.’ That ‘bigly concept,’ per capita plays a role in determining how your county is rated. More than likely, the total COVID-19 cases are higher than what the CDC has reported because not everyone uploads their positive test results to their state or local health department.

Most people understand that the COVID-19 vaccine/shot does not prevent one from contracting the virus but it’s very well known that by being up to date on your jabs, it’s the difference in having mild to no symptoms if contracted, a trip to the hospital, a date with a ventilator, or ending up at the morgue. They’re saving lives; not killing people like the GQP and their KKKult would like you to believe.

Check this out- Your Brain on MAGAt Could Get Your Killed-Looking at You, Ohio! and Floriduh-Full segment found below.

None of the facts available have stopped the GQP from continually spreading misinformation about the shots and the virus. Nor have the facts encouraged them from getting vaccinated or staying up to date on them. Pumpkin Magic! or bullshit they find and believe on far right ‘news’ sources/shitholes are what they believe and exactly what is killing them and perhaps more in the future. Oh, well…can’t cure stupid.

Then there’s Governor Ron DeSantis (DeSatan/DeFascist). This is Ron then and Ron now. Looks like someone is running for president in 2024 and he needs the most ignorant people alive to vote for him…former MAGAts turned DeSatanists:

Looks like the science denying imbeciles aren’t just singling out COVID-19 shots:

And then there’s this:

Recently, the Daily Sceptic (Septic) ran an article that claimed, a German “autopsy report” showed COVID-19 vaccines as “likely” cause of sudden deaths; the China Epoch Times (Shithole/Purveyor of Fake News) repeated it. Yep, wrong again.

FULL CLAIM: “Major New Autopsy Report Reveals Those Who Died Suddenly Were Likely Killed by the Covid Vaccine”; “The fact that those who die suddenly after vaccination may have died from the hidden effects of the Covid vaccine on their heart is thus now firmly established in the medical literature.”

Social media posts claiming that there has been a spike in people who “died suddenly” due to COVID-19 vaccination made the rounds in late November 2022, thanks to a popular film that rehashed debunked claims about COVID-19 vaccines and conspiracy theories.

More recently, a study published at the end of November 2022 in the journal Clinical Research in Cardiology provided food for yet more claims running in the same vein. The study by Schwab et al., titled “Autopsy-based histopathological characterization of myocarditis after anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination”, reported that out of 25 people who had died unexpectedly and within 20 days of COVID-19 vaccination, five of those people showed signs of myocarditis for which no other cause was identified except COVID-19 vaccination[1].

And in very good news and just one more way to combat, NOT PREVENT, COVID-19:

Scientists testing COVID-19 booster nasal spray:

There’s been a lot of confusion over COVID shots and boosters — how many do you need and when do you need them? The CDC says all Americans over 12 years of age should receive the new booster against Omicron, but so far, only about four percent have done so. Now, scientists are testing a nasal spray that they say has been very effective in the lab trials and may someday be a viable option for patients.

From allergy relief to protection from the flu, a quick pump delivers medication directly into the respiratory system. Now, Yale researchers are testing a COVID booster nasal spray.

Yale School of Medicine immunobiologist, Akiko Iwasaki, PhD explains, “The reason we’re focusing on the nasal cavity is because that’s where the virus first lands.”

Iwasaki says current mRNA boosters lose strength over time and are not as effective in the nose and respiratory tract. The Yale nasal spray contains spike proteins from the coronavirus.

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