Free range Free Chat

Right here, right now, it’s the 2nd day of 2023, and we’re starting another Chatful Monday where we range freely, far and wide, introducing thoughts, insights, jokes and questions to each other…..

It makes sense to start the year acknowledging that here at News Views, we come from far and wide and so may use incomprehensible lingo for common things. For instance, if you’re from Chicago you might say “da”, not “the”; Sammich not sandwich and order it “wet” not “au jus.” People from Chi-Town wear gym shoes not sneakers and Talk about Jewels, a grocery store chain not precious stones.

Say you’re in farmland Iowa. …..where breakfast is breakfast, lunch is snack, dinner is lunch and supper is supper. . ..

Let’s say you go to Maine. There, a milk-shake is chocolate milk and a frappe is a milk shake. If you go South and you’re dying for a cold carbonated beverage, you can order a “coke” even if you want a Pepsi, but you’ll Order a pop in the Midwest or soda in the Northeast whether you want coke, Pepsi or RC. . . . Now say you’re in Wisconsin and want water? A water fountain is a bubbler…..

We all know about the Southern “Y’all” but go toward NY and NJ and it may be “youse guys” or toward New England “Yunz” or Yinz.

In Alaska, a newcomer to the state is a “cheechako” and snow is “terminal dust” if it’s the first snow of the year seen on the mountains. Texas is “that little state” and “outside” means the other states of the union, aka “the lower 48.”

This is our Monday Open Forum or Free Chat — all topics all the time within the usual boundaries. . . . What do you have to say today and how do you say it? I’m in Kentucky but I say NO to the alarm clock in a variety of regional dialects….. oh and Hello 2023, so far you’re ok, but the day is young. . . 😁😁So Happy New Year all……