GQP Wasting Everyone’s Time: House Republicans pass 2 anti-abortion measures

We have this law already on the books about homicide that has no statute of limitations but the House GQP felt it double necessary to introduce and pass a bill that would “require health care providers to try to preserve the life of an infant in the rare case that a baby is born alive during or after an attempted abortion.” For some reason, thanks to Fox ‘News’ and other RW shitholes, GQPers are under the impression that medical personnel murder fetuses who survive a failed abortion,especially a late term abortion; they don’t.

An attempted abortion late enough into a pregnancy to result in a live birth is extremely rare and happens only when the mother’s life is at risk or the fetus has a fatal condition.

But on Wednesday, the newly controlled GQP brought forth two bills that addresses abortion now that the Extreme Court overturned Roe. Little did they learn from the mid-term elections that reproductive rights were one of the main reasons their predicted ‘Red Wave’ resulted in mid-cycle spotting, at best. Next to inflation, reproductive rights were on the minds of many voters.

As stated, The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act “would require health practitioners to care for a fetus carried to term after a failed abortion. The bill would also impose criminal penalties on health care providers who don’t, of five years’ imprisonment.” And to emphasize: It is already considered homicide in the US to intentionally kill an infant that is born alive or anyone, for that matter.

An incomplete abortion where the fetus is carried to term is exceedingly rare. One report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that over a 12-year period, there were 143 cases where an infant was born alive after a failed abortion and then subsequently died.

Only a small percent of abortions are performed at a point in pregnancy where the fetus could theoretically survive. In 2020, 0.9% of abortions were performed after 21 weeks gestation, according to the CDC.

 The measure passed 220 to 210 with one Democrat, Rep. Henry Cueller of Texas, joining Republicans in supporting the bill.

Perfectly stated: “It is a mean-spirited solution in search of a problem,” said Rep. Judy Chu, D-Calif.

The other anti-choice bill the GQP passed centered on condemning “recent attacks on pro-life facilities, groups and churches.” The GQP never addressed attacks on Planned Parenthood or on other abortion care providers.

The bill passed 222 to 209, with three Democrats voting yes: Reps. Vicente Gonzalez of Texas, Chrissy Houlahan of Pennsylvania and Marie Perez of Washington.

Neither bill is expected to pass the Democratic-led Senate.

This was anti-choice Nancy Mace earlier. She voted in favor of both bills.

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