Update: Grisly New Developments in Recent Case of Missing Massachusetts Woman

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From The Rolling Stone:

AN INVESTIGATION INTO a missing Massachusetts woman turned grisly over the weekend, after police discovered a bloody knife in the basement of her home and arrested her art-fraudster husband for misleading authorities in her search. Now, investigators are looking for further signs of foul play in what authorities are calling the “suspicious disappearance” of Ana Walshe, a real estate executive and mother of three young sons who lived in the wealthy coastal town of Cohasset, Massachusetts.

From CNN

Ann Walsh, the mother of three, was reported missing by her coworkers on January 4, but a sweeping two-day search of the small coastal town of Cohasset, Massachusetts, turned up no sign of her.

Her husband, Brian Walshe, told police he last saw his wife on New Year’s Day, but investigators allege he provided them a false timeline of his actions and whereabouts around the time she disappeared. He has pleaded not guilty to the charge of misleading investigators.

On Monday, Jan. 9, 2023, Brian Walshe of Cohasset, Massachusetts, faces a Quincy Court judge. He is charged with impeding the investigation into his wife Ana’s disappearance from their home on or about Jan. 1. GREG DERR/THE PATRIOT LEDGER/AP

According to a police affidavit filed Monday in Quincy District Court, Brian told police that Ana had left their home early the morning of Jan. 1 for a “work emergency.” Ana commuted frequently between Cohasset and Washington, D.C., where the couple owns a townhouse and Ana has a car, although there was no sign that she arrived there after jher disappearance, police revealed at a press conference Jan. 6. Brian said Ana kissed him goodbye and told him to go back to sleep.

Ana Walshe was not reported missing until Jan. 4, when her coworkers reportedly called the police. Between Jan. 5 and 7, more than 20 officers from local and state police departments used K9 units and dive teams to search the woods and waterways surrounding the Walshes’ home, but found nothing. In Brian Walshe’s internet history, however, police found evidence that he’d looked up information on “how to dispose of a 115-pound woman’s body,” law-enforcement sources told CNN. Then, when they executed a search warrant on the family’s home on Sunday, Jan. 8, they discovered the knife and blood in the basement. Brian was arrested. 

Rolling Stone

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