Georgia Motorist Accidentally Shoots Himself During Road Rage Incident

According to investigators, the incident began when a truck delivering lumber caused a backup on the road. Two men wearing reflective vests were out on the road trying to direct traffic so that the truck could deliver its cargo.

Officials say the suspect, who was “clearly impatient and annoyed by the delay,” got out of his vehicle and pointed a gun at the two men while threatening them.

After the tense situation, deputies say the suspect tried to re-holster his pistol while he was getting back into his vehicle. It was then that the man is believed to have accidentally shot himself in the hand.

The suspect reportedly asked the witnesses in the vicinity to call 911 but nobody complied.

According to authorities, the man told the workers that he shot himself and to call 911 before he left the scene to get medical attention at a nearby fire station.

Deputies said they collected evidence that was consistent with what witnesses and workers had told them what happened.

At this time, detectives have not arrested the man in connection with the shooting, but say that they will make the determination whether he will face charges after he is released from the hospital.


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