President Biden Responds to MT-G’s Latest Stupidity

During one of the many more to come Congressional hearings, Marjorie Taylor (minus) the Greene falsely blamed President Biden for the deaths of two Michigan brothers. The young men died as a result of fentanyl poisoning from taking pills their mother and conservative activist Rebecca Kiessling said during the House Homeland Security Committee’ hearing. But, Marge cannot do math; the young men died in 2020 when TFG was still (p)resident.

***Houston, we have a problem:

President Biden addressed Marge’s stupidity to a room full of House Democrats during their annual retreat in Baltimore “isn’t she amazing?”

CNN fact checked Marge’s claim and her spokesperson for her congressional office, Nick Dyer, responded with:

Do you think they give a fuck about your bullshit fact checking?”

Later in the evening, Marge went on Hannity and talked about how she was verbally attacked at some unnamed restaurant. One of the issues Marge focused on was “lack of respect,” which was completely void of any self-awareness or accountability.

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