Fact Checking TFG’s ‘Wildly Dishonest’ Speech at the Fascist Fest

What should not shock anyone about TFG’s speech at the annual Fascist Fest/CPAC is that he lied his ass off to his KKKult. News Views addressed some of his lies in a previous discussion; now here are the rest of his blatant lies.

  • Claim: TFG claimed ‘we saved Minneapolis’ during the George Floyd protests that happened in numerous cities.
  • Fact: This is a reversal of reality. Minnesota’s Democratic governor, Tim Walz, not Trump, was the one who deployed the Minnesota National Guard during the 2020 unrest; Walz first activated the Guard more than seven hours before Trump publicly threatened to deploy the Guard himself.
  • Claim: As president , he tried to stop the destruction of statues and memorials. He claimed: “I passed and signed an executive order. Anybody that does that gets 10 years in jail, with no negotiation – it’s not ’10’ but it turns into three months.” He added: “But we passed it. It was a very old law, and we found it – one of my very good legal people along with [adviser] Stephen Miller, they found it. They said, ‘Sir, I don’t know if you want to try and bring this back.’ I said. ‘I do.’”
  • FactsHe lied. He did not create a mandatory 10-year sentence for people who damage monuments. In fact, his 2020 executive order did not mandate any increase in sentences.
  • Claim:“Obama didn’t want to get involved in Ukraine” and merely “supplied the bedsheets.”
  • Fact: False!. President Obama didn’t want to supply weapons to Ukraine but “i”t provided more than $600 million in security assistance to Ukraine between 2014 and 2016 that involved far more than bedsheets. The aid included counter-artillery and counter-mortar radars, armored Humvees, tactical drones, night vision devices and medical supplies.

TFG’s Biggest Lies that only the most mentally challenged MAGAt would or still believes:

  • “We had the greatest job history of any president ever.”
  • The US lost about 2.7 million jobs during Trump’s presidency, the worst overall jobs record for any president. The net loss was largely because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but even Trump’s pre-pandemic jobs record – about 6.7 million jobs added – was far from the greatest of any president ever. The economy added more than 11.5 million jobs in the first term of Democratic President Bill Clinton in the 1990s.
  • “I won the second election, OK, won it by a lot. You know, when they say, when they say Biden won, the smart people know that didn’t [happen].”
    • Let’s be clear: MAGAts are not ‘smart people.’
  • FactsThis is Trump’s regular lie. He lost the 2020 election to Biden fair and square, 306 to 232 in the Electoral College. Biden earned more than 7 million more votes than Trump did.
  • “As you know, I built hundreds of miles of wall and completed that task as promised. And then I began to add even more in areas that seemed to be allowing a lot of people to come in.”
  • Facts: : It’s not true that Trump “completed” the border wall. According to an official “Border Wall Status” report written by US Customs and Border Protection two days after Trump left office, about 458 miles of wall had been completed under Trump – but about 280 more miles that had been identified for wall construction had not been completed.

***Wasn’t Mexico supposed to pay for it? Oh, wait—‘smart people’ knew the country would never pay for TFG’s stupid wall.

Read more if you can stomach it from the link provided above or take a quick listen to the video clip below.

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