Election Results in Wisconsin and Chicago

Liberal Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz prevailed in a consequential election for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court, which will now be able and likely to reverse an abortion ban and correct gerrymandered legislative maps.

In her acceptance speech, Protosiewicz said she would treat the role with “integrity,” then was joined on stage by current members of the court.

Judge Janet defeated Daniel Kelly, a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice who was seeking a return to the bench. Kelly conceded in a whiny-loser sort of speech that reminded Wisconsin voters why they voted against him.

In Chicago, Brandon Johnson, a county commissioner and teachers’ union organizer, defeated his opponent, tough-on-crime candidate Paul Vallas.

Johnson has called for an expansion of social programs in Chicago, and new taxes.

After previously advocating for defunding law enforcement, Johnson talked about improving public safety through more than policing, including youth employment programs and mental health treatment. Mr. Vallas called for expanding Chicago’s police force and taking a hard line on minor offenses. 

The mayor-elect, who takes office in May, will inherit a Chicago in flux, with a downtown that is emptier than before the pandemic, a Police Department that has no permanent leader and a public school system that has seen a decline in enrollment. 

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