DeSantis to Seek Federal Aid for Broward County Flood Victims

Top Gov Ron DeSantis is taking a break from his book tour/unannounced presidential campaign/fight with Mickey Mouse to ask the Biden administration for federal aid following historic flooding in Florida’s Broward County.

DeSantis’ office released a statement on Saturday.

“If granted by the White House, a Major Disaster Declaration will provide a wide range of federal assistance programs for individuals and public infrastructure damaged by the floods,” reads a media release from the Governor’s Office.

More than two feet of rain fell on April 12 in a 1-in-1000-year deluge that left parts of Broward County in three feet of flooding.

The flooding closed the airport for two days, and slowed gas deliveries to the pumps for days.

For the past week, residents have anxiously awaited word about financial help from FEMA. Many are living in homes where mold has grown due to the flooding, and are unable to afford home repairs without assistance. Some will need to relocate permanently.

FEMA offers both individual assistance and public assistance. Individual assistance can include money for temporary housing, repairs, losses in insured or uninsured property, and medical expenses. Public assistance goes to local governments to help pay for things like debris removal and repairs to infrastructure.

Hard-hit neighborhoods like Melrose Park and Edgewood were assessed for damage, with about 1,000 homes severely damaged. Assessments continue over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the deputy press secretary for the Top Gov continues to troll the woke policies of the Biden administration.

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