Dr. Ronny Jackson Detained at Rodeo

"Had not been drinking"

Republican U.S. Rep and Trump cultist Ronny Jackson was briefly detained at a rodeo near Amarillo on Saturday night while trying to assist with a young girl’s medical emergency, according to a statement from Jackson’s office.

The statement noted Jackson was sitting “in the stands during the entire rodeo, in full view of the assembled crowd, and was not drinking.” 

According to the Jackson spox, the physician and retired Navy rear admiral was “summoned by someone in the crowd to assist a 15-year-old girl who was having a medical emergency nearby.” 

When Jackson responded to the scene, he found a relative, who was a nurse, already helping the girl. Jackson asked if she needed help and she said yes, according to the statement, which noted there were “no uniformed EMS providers on the scene at the time.”

Ronny was detained by authorities in a “loud and chaotic” environment at the White Deer Rodeo, and was released when they realized he was trying to help.

According to the Sheriff’s statement, it’s unclear who detained Jackson. Carson County sheriff’s office, EMS for White Deer and neighboring Gray County responded to the calls that led to Jackson being detained.

Carson County EMS deferred to the sheriff for comment.

Gray County EMS only said it responded to several calls during the event.

The Texas Department of Public Safety had no comment.

Texas Tribune