Watch MyPillow Guy Lose it at a Deposition: ‘Don’t Scold Me!’

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, one of the nation’s most outspoken election conspiracy theorists, has been “vulgar, threatening, loud (and) disrespectful” during three depositions in a federal defamation lawsuit brought by Eric Coomer, a Coloradan and former executive at Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems.

That’s according to a motion filed Thursday by Coomer’s attorneys seeking compensation for the depositions and an order requiring Lindell to appear in federal court in Denver to complete the sworn testimony.

Coomer is suing Lindell in his personal capacity, as well as in his capacity as the CEO of both MyPillow and FrankSpeech, a conservative website founded by Lindell.


Here’s a sample, there’s several more.

Ambulance chasers and judges

You don’t remember my question, do you?

In the second video down, Mike goes off about lumpy pillows and calls the attorney an “ass hole”.

This is from the following day, he’s still cranky.

MyPillow now sells dog baskets and blankets.

Also Tuesday: One America News settles defamation lawsuit from a Dominion executive at the center of election conspiracy theories

Chanel Rion, White House correspondent for One America News Network. 


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