Liveblog - A Combo Pack: Last Call and ICYMI-September 16, 2023

Good afternoon/evening, News Viewers, and welcome to the weekend. For today’s segment of ICYMI, I’m combining it with this evening’s segment of Last Call. So, feel free to chit and chat, post new worthy items we may have missed, and enjoy each other’s company.


Family Values!

TFG and His Criminal Cartel’s Mounting Legal Woes:

Special counsel asks for ‘narrow’ gag order for Trump in election interference case

Jack Smith’s office says Trump’s “disparaging and inflammatory attacks” have spurred threats against witnesses and threaten the court process.

TFG Proves to the World He’s Unfit to Even Run a Lemonade Stand:

Has anyone ever had to show their ID to buy a loaf of bread?!?!

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