Liveblog - Weekend Wrap Up and Last Call: September 24, 2023

With so much going on in our world, we sometimes miss important issues. Please feel free to share any headlines or new developments we may have missed providing they come from reliable and credible sources. And since we did not have a segment of Last Call last night, please feel free to share your thought about what’s on your mind or going on in your world.

We’re Having a Shutdown, a Government Shutdown:

Thank a Republican or Anyone Who Votes for these anti-American Morons:

President Biden/Biden Administration:

2024 Election:

Join News Views for a Live Discussion this Wednesday, September 27, 2023, on the GQP’s Second Debate:

Thirty years later….


Beginning September 25, every U.S. household can again place an order to receive four more free COVID-19 rapid tests delivered directly to their home. Before You Throw Out “Expired” Tests

The program has distributed over 755 million tests directly to more than two-thirds of American households, 310 million of which went to households in underserved communities. The U.S. government will continue to make COVID-19 tests available to uninsured individuals and underserved communities through existing outreach programs. Please contact a HRSA health centerTest to Treat site, or ICATT location near you to learn how to access low- or no-cost COVID-19 tests provided by the federal government.

How to Trigger an ignorant, malignant, illiterate, and racist MAGAt: Read the entire article and not just the parts your like. Lessons Learned: Don’t Listen or Pay Attention to SPAM Tagging MAGAts; They WILL Get You Killed:

For context, the Mayo Clinic’s view on the MAGAt drug of choice that does not cure COVID-19. Use in a hospital, good luck finding one that will prescribe this snake oil that does not cure COVID-19, OR during clinical trials. But, go for it, MAGAts–the less of you that exists, the better society is a whole. Happy Horse Paste!

The Worst, Stupidest, and Most Deplorable People in the World:

Craven Assholes:

So….What’s Going on with George Santos?

Craven Assholes Need Attention:

    Who should be the next senator from California?

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