MAGA Lunatic Paul Gosar Goes on Homophobic Rant, Calling for General Milley to be Hung

Arizona MAGA Rep. Paul Gosar used a government account to launch a homophobic tirade against Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, suggesting Milley should be put to death, an echo of Trump’s lunacy suggesting the same.

Gosar was going off on Nancy Pelosi, suggesting she was responsible for the attack at the Capitol on January 6. Gosar called Milley a “homosexual-promoting-BLM-activist” and wrote that Milley delayed the National Guard response after the attack began.

“Of course, we now know that the deviant Milley was coordinating with Nancy Pelosi to hurt President Trump, and treasonously working behind Trump’s back,” Gosar wrote. “In a better society, quislings like the strange sodomy-promoting General Milley would be hung.”

Trump’s rant in a Truth Social post on Friday called for Milley’s death, saying that “in times gone by, the punishment would have been DEATH!”

The entirety of Gosar’s lunacy in a account newsletter can be found here, and showcased other rants including his lack of support for Ukraine, his support for Trump’s $2/gallon gas, and an attack on Covid vaccines, invoking his “doctor” status.

I would like to believe people are now seeing that the COVID hysteria was a mass media scare tactic and the results of the COVID “vaccines” are now known: they are neither safe nor effective.  Take them if you want, it’s a free country.  But I will never support mandatory lockdowns, mandatory masks or mandatory vaccines because as I said: it’s a free country.  This was a very dark period in our nation’s history.  We all learned that we live among die-hard fascists who want to make you a third-class citizen if you did not comply with their irrational screeching demands to take an experimental drug that had no testing.   As a doctor I found the complete lack of transparency and lack of informed consent to be inhumane.  

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