“When Reelected,” TFG Vows to Go After News Media Outlets who Scrutinize Him

TFG will launch an assault on the First Amendment’s, Free Press Clause “when” he’s reelected and this should frighten everyone, unless you support fascists and fascist regimes.

In a wannabe X/Twitter rant on his ‘Truth’ Social media site, TFG promised “that he will remove from the airwaves any news media that is not friendly towards him should he be reelected as president of the United States.”

Trump specifically took aim at MSNBC/NBC News to make his point (ironically, NBC is the network that employed and elevated Donald Trump during The Apprentice days), writing that the network “should be investigated for its ‘Country Threatening Treason.’”

All news networks must forcefully and unequivocally sound the alarm about Donald Trump’s stated goals to end the free press and implement a Trump-friendly state-run media in its place.

As opposed to aligning with one another to combat this fascist move, some news outlets have positioned themselves to be more TFG friendly

  • WaPo, who claimed Democracy Dies in Darkness during the TFG error, recently posted a false article downplaying TFG’s role in the Clown House’s plan to impeach President Biden.
  • NBC gave the imbecile a platform to spew his lies while never calling him out for them. They later posted a fact check article but did not call him out or push back on his BS during the interview.
  • CNN hosted a townhall for the imbecile to spew his lies.

Despite TFG’s numerous indictments, he will become the GQP nominee and will challenge President Biden in 2024.

Who should be the next senator from California?

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