White House Attorney Told Cassidy Hutchinson They Couldn’t Pardon Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Gynecologist

Of all of the revelations that have been exposed so far in Cassidy Hutchinson’s book, “Enough,” there is at least one bizarre outlier.

According to the aide to former WH chief of staff Mark Meadows, she saw Meadows give a binder containing classified documents to a couple of MAGA media members. Meadows was claiming that those documents, which were related to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation, had already been declassified by the former president.

White House counsel Pat Cipollone disagreed, and wanted those documents back before Trump’s presidency ended.

The White House counsel’s office wanted the documents back because they contained some personal information that needed to be redacted, according to a spokesperson for Meadows. But Hutchinson wrote that Cipollone told her the documents contained a large amount of classified information.

It was during this conversation with Cipollone that Hutchinson learned of a bizarre pardon request from Don Jr.’s girlfriend.

Before she could leave to call Meadows, Cipollone added: “Hey Cass, while you’re on the phone with him, can you tell him we cannot pardon Kimberly Guilfoyle’s gynecologist?”

“My jaw was hanging as I turned around to look at Pat. I knew by the look on his face that he was dead serious,” she writes.

According to Guilfoyle’s testimony to the January 6 committee, she was seeking to help the son of her former gynecologist, a well-respected California doctor.


Guilfoyle had been asked about this request during her testimony before the January 6 Committee.

An independent News Views jernalist (me) sought insight and verification from that testimony.

From the transcript of Guilfoyle’s testimony on April 18, 2022:

That transcript can be found in this link to Raw Story, in case you are interested.

News Views found an American Medical Association profile of a Dr. Laurie Green of San Francisco, California, who is an OB/GYN.

Dr. Laurie Green

We are unable to verify that this is Kimberly Guilfoyle’s doctor, who the doctor’s son is, or whether either of them were pardoned.

It sounds like there was little chance of that happening, according to Pat Cipollone.

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