Putin’s Mixed Messages: Asks for Increase in Defense Spending while Hinting at Possible Conditions for Peace

Putin increases defense spending for 2024; Lavrov speaks to the UN about how America and the Allies are lying about the Ukraine situation and are in fact an “empire of lies”, that we are using Ukrainian bodies as fodder; Members of the Republican Party tie defense funding for Ukraine to closing the government or keeping it open. (This is a natural progression from the Quid Pro Quo arrangement which led to Trump’s first impeachment). So far, funds to Ukraine have been cut, Putin is emboldened, Lavrov is propagandizing to placate, and another visit with Kim Jong Un is being planned.

From Newsweek:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has committed to a large increase in spending for the war in Ukraine through 2024 despite a top Kremlin official recently hinting Moscow may be willing to negotiate an end to the conflict.

Moscow will increase defense spending for the country by almost 70 percent in 2024. Bloomberg  reported Moscow will increase defense spending for the country by almost 70 percent in 2024 according to a draft proposal recentlyreleased.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently indicated Russia would honor Ukraine’s borders prior to Putin’s invasion that began in February 2022 if Kyiv agrees to one major condition, that condition being that they would not join NATO.

During a press conference at the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday, Lavrov suggested Russia would recognize Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty based on a decades-old declaration if Kyiv agreed to a commitment of remaining “a non-aligned country and would not enter into any military alliances.”

The comment seemingly referenced Ukraine’s bid to join NATO, which Putin not only opposes but has also cited the possible expansion of NATO on Russia’s borders as one of his justifications for starting the war.

Note: Caleb Maupin, the person asking Putin’s mouthpiece Lavrov the question calls himself a journalist and head of the self-identified “think tank” called Center for Political Innovation which is vaguely described as a movement toward American Socialism but is pro American Communism and pro-Putin.

Meanwhile, Russia’s economy has suffered during the war as Putin increased military spending and Western sanctions took hold. After the ruble hit a 17-month low against the U.S. dollar, Russia’s Central Bank raised interest rates last month in an attempt to address concerns about the country’s currency and raising inflation.

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