Giuliani to Lose 2nd Attorney in Georgia, Leaving Him Without Local Legal Team

Several of Giuliani’s former lawyers have sued him for failure to pay his bills.

A second lawyer for Rudy Giuliani is seeking to depart his legal team in Georgia, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News, a move that would appear to leave the former New York City mayor without any local lawyers in the state. A motion to withdraw has been submitted to the clerk, the sources said. A judge in the case has to sign off on the motion.

News of the move comes after several other former attorneys of the Trump ally have sued Giuliani for failure to pay his bills, including his longtime friend and attorney Bob Costello, who sued Giuliani for over $1 million in payments due to his firm.

Earlier, an additional lawyer for Giuliani in Georgia, David Wolfe, submitted his own motion to withdraw from his representation of Giuliani.


Did I mention he’s suing the president?


Who should be the next senator from California?

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