GOP Senator Claims Matt Gaetz Crushed E.D. Medicine To Enhance His Stamina

The GOP Senator from Oklahoma, Markwayne Mullin, had some wild claims about Matt Gaetz in a CNN interview last night.

Mullin said that Gaetz openly detailed his sexual adventures to fellow lawmakers before he was married.

“He bragged about how he would crush E.D. medicine and chase it with energy drinks so he could go all night.”

Gaetz dismissed the claims in a statement to CNN.

“I don’t think Markwayne Mullin and I have said 20 words to each other on the House floor,” Gaetz said.

“This is a lie from someone who doesn’t know me and who is coping with the death of the political career of his friend Kevin. Thoughts and prayers.”

Mullins also referred to the 2021 allegations of sex trafficking charges, which were dropped by the DOJ.

“There’s a reason why no one in the conference came and defended him ― because we had all seen the videos he was showing on the House floor that all of us had walked away, of the girls he had slept with,” Mullin said.

Marc Short, the former chief of staff to Mike Pence, has also referred to Gaetz’s behavior.


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