PSA: Asking for Your Opinions and Suggestions

Good morning, News Viewers, and Happy Monday. Notice something different? If you asked, “Where’s Free Range, Free Chat?” Yeah, that’s what I want to address.

We, your lovely hosts and hostesses, have had a few conversations centered around ditching a few Free Chats because we think, correct us if we are wrong, they’ve outgrown their usefulness. Oh, Free Chat Friday is here to stay because Rachel’s cartoon choices are the best! But we want your input.

What would you like to see more of? Coverage on court cases, state issues, environment, pop culture?  What we cannot do is less coverage of Trump, sorry —he’s in the news mainly because of 91 criminal charges and he’s the GQP’s candidate of choice for the 2024 election obviously to keep his orange ass out of prison. So, he’s in the news ALL. THE. TIME.

Other topics that we have bounced around are discussions revolving around a podcast/video. We found some here that looked quite interesting but would like your opinion or suggestions on others.

Another topic that was discussed was: “Letters to the Editor,” something that you would write, email, to us, and we would post it. We would still have to work out the logistics but that’s the plan or the plan in its infancy.

So, what do you suggest? Please feel free to post and one of us will reply to your suggestions.

And as a reminder to everyone and to keep the peace while our world’s on fire. PLEASE!!! If you know you have issues with a particular moderator or even a specific topic, stay away from that moderator and find another thread to comment on; we usually offer several.

Other than that, enjoy your day and stay safe. We all look forward to reading your suggestions.

Who will be Trump' running mate?

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