DeSantis Loses Major Lawsuit; Must Release COVID-19 Data and Pay a Legal Fees

Former State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith, along with Several different First Amendment advocacy groups and media outlets, filed a lawsuit two years ago against Florida’s governor and wannabe president Ron DeSantis for hiding the state’s COVID-19 data. They just lost the case, will now begin to publish the data again to the public and have to pay out $152,500 in legal fees to opposing attorneys. The data required the state must now post daily includes the number of cases, vaccinations, and deaths.

According to Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, (the state) “lied to the Judge in court that they didn’t have these Covid-19 records and that was the reason they weren’t producing them. They know they were wrong. They know they broke the law, and our lawsuit caught them red-handed.”

***Warning, once the data is released, it may contain that bigly concept, ‘per capita.’ If you don’t understand how ‘per capita’ works, get an educated adult to help you work through it.

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