(R) Lauren Boebert’s Divorce Finalized, After Shouting Match Behind Closed Doors

Magistrate Katherine Barnes issued her final approval after a tense and relatively quick hearing. The Boeberts left the courtroom together and largely ignored questions from reporters as a Mesa County Sheriff’s deputy escorted them to a black Mazda.

The hearing itself was delayed for unknown reasons for nearly 30 minutes, during which the door to the courtroom was locked. Raised voices and the former couple’s six-month-old grandchild crying could be heard through the door. The congresswoman brought her grandson to the hearing, which Jayson Boebert told reporters was so he could pick up the child from her.

Jayson Boebert’s attendance came after he appeared to be largely uncooperative with the divorce. He did not have a lawyer present at the hearing. Afterward, an Insider reporter observed him nearly licking the phone of a Daily Mail reporter who was recording a video.


Jayson Boebert appeared without representation. While Lauren Boebert rocked the baby in her arms, her soon to be ex-husband leaned emotionally over the defendant’s table, squeezing his eyes shut, as the magistrate declared that the marriage was dissolved. Before they left the courtroom, Le Fleur told Jayson Boebert, “You need your grandson.” Lauren Boebert, 36, started to hand the baby over before saying that she would carry him out.

The Boeberts had entered the courtroom separately — Lauren Boebert striding in with the baby and giving the small gathering of reporters and photographers angry looks. Jayson Boebert walked in about 10 minutes later, scowling in a pair of dark sunglasses. 

Always classy Jayson 

They left the courtroom together with a sheriff’s deputy escorting them. They left in the same black SUV with the grandson in a backseat baby carrier after Jayson Boebert accosted a Daily Mail reporter who was shouting questions at Lauren Boebert. Jayson Boebert marched up to the reporter who was using his phone to record video and stuck his tongue on the lens on his phone.

✱Lauren declined $1,833.43 a month in child support.


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