Head-to-Head: Conservative Media on Feminism Vs. News Viewers

After our little chat yesterday regarding new ideas in the community of News Views, we will try this hybrid experiment that gives a taste of Pop Culture with a Head-to-Head theme:

Right Wing Theories vs. News Views Warriors

While today’s article isn’t a Head-to-Head citing a conservative vs. liberal topic, it does highlight the nutjob conservative take and we are giving you the license to fly your Jessica Tarlov flag in News Views take-down style.

Have fun dismantling this one from one of your favorites and mine — NOT —

The Federalist“Where Have All the Good Women Gone?”

Barbie’s new Stevie Nicks doll illustrates how feminism destroyed the female virtues of patience, loyalty, and compassion.

The author here, Carrie Gress, talks about Stevie Nicks as a topic in her book  The End of Woman: How Smashing the Patriarchy Has Destroyed Us. Apparently Stevie Nicks is not a good woman for putting a successful career over family:

Nicks, like many women before and since, prioritized career over family, seeing her obligation to her fans and those who worked on her tour as more important. She speaks of the heartbreak of the men with whom she had relationships and who were the fathers of her children. “Eventually, their hearts couldn’t take it, they couldn’t understand quite enough, how deeply embedded in this I was. And so it eventually hurt them too much and they had to leave, or face devastation on their own.”

Gress goes on to compare good men and real men, as evidenced in a question put to West Point cadets:

What is a good man, and what is a real man? The characteristics of the good man, the cadets reported, are: “Honor, duty, integrity, sacrifice, do the right thing, stand up for the little guy, be a provider, be a protector.” The real man’s characteristics, on the other hand, are “tough, strong, never show weakness, win at all costs, suck it up, play through pain, be competitive, get rich, get laid.” The good man puts others before himself while the real man puts himself first. Despite years of the culture trying to tear down masculinity, this timeless distinction between a good man and a real man remains.

And then along comes Marxist feminism in 1963, and POOF!

What is a good woman? What is a real woman? The answers are nowhere as easy and clear. The last 50 years have airbrushed any semblance of a good woman from the culture and replaced her with the working woman.
Gone was the good woman and her hallmark virtues, such as patience, loyalty, and compassion. These ideas were redefined as codependency, a kind of slavery, or only for women who were doormats. The virtues of the working woman ascended, taking center stage: self-reliance, ambition, focus, and strength. No family — no man, no child — would get in her way. Every few months, especially during award season, a new starlet comes out and thanks the universe for allowing her to get an abortion, lest her career would have been ruined by the demands of caring for a wriggling, wailing, dream crusher.

Gress then addresses the wanton Stevie Nicks who gave up having children (by abortion) and its “mental discord” because she neglected what makes her “good” and chose to embrace Marxism.

Gress suggests that Stevie Nicks’ Barbie Doll will never take the place of her children, leaving few to call her a “good woman.”

Have at it News Viewers, this is your chance to have some fun at the expense of Conservative Media!

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