CBO Scores GQP Israel Bill: It Will Cost Taxpayers Billions and Add Billions to the Deficit

Proving once again, the Republican Party has no clue how to govern or how things work.

"House Republicans' legislation would increase the deficit by helping wealthy individuals and corporations cheat on their taxes, increasing the tax burden on honest, hardworking families who pay their taxes with every paycheck," Treasury spokesperson Ashley Schapitl said in a statement to Insider.
  • Republicans proposed giving Israel $14 billion, attached to $14 billion in IRS funding cuts.
  • The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said the proposal would cut revenue by $26 billion.
  • Senate Democrats and the White House said they would reject the bill.

One of the first tasks the new, fascist Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, tackled was proposing a bill to fund Israel as it continues its war against Palestinian militant group Hamas. While Senate Democrats, and President Joe Biden, requested emergency funding for the country without any conditions attached, Johnson did not oblige — he attached $14 billion in funding cuts for the Internal Revenue Service.

But, the CBO scored this disaster of a plan and said it would cut revenue by $26 billion and cost taxpayers billions of dollars because of lost revenue.

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