Rep Jamie Raskin Edits and Returns Thank You Letter From George Santos

George Santos has sent thank you notes to members of Congress who voted against expelling him from the House earlier this week.

More than 30 House Democrats joined with New York Republicans to vote against the motion to expel their colleague, ending in a 213-179 tally, with 19 members voting present.

Among the Democrats who voted to keep Santos in Congress, citing the precedent it would create, was the gentleman from Maryland, Jamie Raskin, who was NOT impressed with the thank you letter from Santos.

Raskin copy edited the letter by hand, and sent it back to Santos.

“I appreciate your note and only wish someone had proofread it first. Meantime, you should apologize to the people of New York for all of your lies and deceit.” he wrote, adding “P.S. It’s not shameful to resign.”


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