Mark Meadows’ Book Publisher Sues Him for Lying in Book

The publisher of Mark Meadows’ book “The Chief’s Chief” filed a lawsuit in Sarasota, FL Circuit Court today for making numerous false statements in the book. All Seasons Press is asking for the $350,000 advance they paid to Meadows, $600,000 in additional compensatory damages for expenses, and $1 million in reputational damages suffered by the company for their association with Meadows. The lawsuit alleges that the publisher expressed concerns with lies in the book very early on and withheld installments that were supposed to be paid even after being threatened by Meadows’ attorneys.

The company alleges that once news broke that Meadows was cooperating with prosecutors on October 24, sales bottomed out and the book only sold 60,000 copies. The company based the advance it paid to Meadows on anticipated sales of at least 200,000 copies.

The lawsuit alleges that Meadows’ testimony to the grand jury “squarely contradicts the statements in his book… that President Trump was the true winner of the 2020 election.” The book alleged that the election was “stolen and rigged” with the assistance of the “liberal media.” These statements in the book are directly contracted by his testimony.

All Seasons Press is demanding a jury trial.


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