Cameron (R) and Beshear (D) are tied in polling for Kentucky’s race for Governor

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Daniel Cameron, Republican, is running against Democrat Andy Beshear, the present Governor, for Governor of Kentucky . They each have about 47% of the vote according to recent polling. Cameron became known for his lack of transparency and extreme delays during the Breonna Taylor case. (See background below NBC)


WHAT HAPPENED TO BREONNA TAYLOR? Taylor and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, were in bed at Taylor’s south Louisville apartment in the early morning hours of March 13, 2020, when a group of seven plainclothes LMPD officers gathered outside the unit’s front door. The officers came equipped with a search warrant signed the day before, authorizing them to search for drugs and cash that police alleged she was holding for her ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover.

Daniel Cameron

Daniel Cameron, who is running for Governor against Democrat Andy Beshear, was the Attorney General at the time and received negative responses from the public because of his delaying and obstructing tactics regarding the case. The officers involved entered Taylor’s home with a no-knock-warrant, shot off 32 rounds killing Taylor and wounding her boyfriend. The boyfriend shot once in self defense hitting one officer in the leg. To make matters worse, the police were at the wrong house searching for drugs allegedly mailed to a person who did not live there

“.”Officers fired more than 30 shots in a matter of seconds, Cameron said Wednesday, and Taylor was struck six times. He added that police announced themselves when they knocked on the door, disputing The New York Times’ reporting that almost a dozen neighbors said in interviews that they never heard police calling out. Although Taylor, 26, wasn’t the subject of the search warrant and she was killed, the grand jury found that officers who took part in the raid were ultimately “justified in their use of force,” Cameron said.” NBC

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